Friday, 26 March 2010

A Must-Read

In case you've never heard of it, you really ought to check out "Greek-o-File," the eighth edition of which is going to be released next week.

Greek-o-File is a well produced paperback book, which is really a labour of love by Sylvia & Terry Cook, who live in the UK but also have a house on Mitilini (Lesbos). Greek-o-File is crammed with anecdotes and info about all parts of Greece and is a must-read for all Grecophiles.

Check out the homepage HERE for a full description of the publication and also, there's a link on that page (How to Purchase/Subscribe) where you can order your copy of not only No. 8, the new edition, but back issues too.

Sylvia works very hard indeed to get each edition produced and deserves the support of true Grecophiles everywhere. She and Terry don't make a lot of money producing it, but get the satisfaction of knowing that their readers derive huge pleasure from the stories and information that every edition contains.

I can't recommend this publication highly enough for anyone who's interested in Greece, her culture, her people, or simply Greece as a wonderful place to spend your summer hols!

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Blossoms Everywhere (updated 12th March)

It's a fab time of the year now. The weather is warming up a little so it feels like a very hot UK summer's day when the sun's out, which it was yesterday while we were doing a little gardening for Josie in Arhangelos. Having lunch outside with her and Pat (her friend from Ireland) we found it to be too hot in the sun and we rather wished for a little more cloud!

The roadsides (like the pic above, just up the road towards Pilona from Lardos) are full of anemonies and wild poppies, the field and olive groves are yellow with a small plant (don't know what it's called) that the children pick and suck the stems, because it tastes like lemons. It carpets the fields with vibrant yellow, wonderful. The margaritas are just beginning to make a showing. They're the gorgeous cream moon-daisies that make the fields look like cheesecake in April. The pale pink rock roses are bursting out now too. Plus, an early morning walk in the hills today took us through loads of flowering French Lavender and purple sage. Just running your fingers through their foliage creates wonderful aromas!

There are baby goats everywhere, eliciting loads of "Aaaah"s from whoever is in the car at the time when we pass some of them. The gorse is flowering and, as we walk along the dirt tracks in the hills behind our home we breathe its heady perfume.

All in all, it's a very nice time of year to be in Rhodes. Got mixed feelings about going to the UK on April 3rd. Dying to see my mum, my sister and her hubby of course. The better half likewise, but in her case also to hit the charity shops! Plus some dear friends in South Wales are high on the priority list, but so reluctant to leave this place! When we get back we'll hopefully be straight into our summer work, me doing the trips to Symi & Marmaris, plus Yvonne-Maria doing a few villa changeovers, plus both care-taking the garden for a huge villa nearby.

Got any plans to visit Rhodes this year?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Footsore but Fancy Free

Sunday Feb. 28th.
Parked the car about 11.00am on the beach by the Atrium Palace Hotel at Kalathos and walked along the beach to Haraki. It was a fabulous day, if a bit windy at times. Took us an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Haraki Bay, where we parked ourselves in the "Bottoms Up" bar and had a crèpe and a club sandwich for lunch, washed down with a couple of iced coffees.

After we'd digested our food and enjoyed looking at the Haraki sea for a while, we set off to walk back along the roads. Instead of staying on the main road we took the old "National Road" which goes toward the gorges in the mountains and over the old Italian bridge.

On the way we passed the above flock of sheep meandering among the olive groves. They were rather photogenic, especially as they had some baby lambs "gambolling" as they do! It took us two hours to get back to the car and we reckon the whole walk must have been about ten miles.

My better half had worn the wrong shoes for the walk (so, nothing new there then) and both the heels came off en route, so she covered the last few miles in her socks! Our friend Basili, who has a heel bar in Rhodes town (two in fact), will have his work cut out.

On the way home we stopped by two different friends' houses in Pilona and eventually got home at around 7.00pm, footsore but fairly fancy free!

Tuesday 2nd March
Were in Lindos all morning so had coffee in the Icon Bar. Been living here four and a half years and it's the first time we've been in there! Won't be the last though, great coffee!

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