Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bird Food 2

It seems our Jays are now getting a bit stage-struck. Having thrown some crumbs out for the sparrows on the small flower bed in front of our French windows last night, we retired to bed.

This morning as we ate breakfast just inside the French windows, Yvonne (Maria) spotted some movement.

"I think a Jay just flew down to the breadcrumbs!" She said. Quick as a flash I grabbed the camera as both of a pair of Jays landed on our fledgling palms out the front and then dropped into the flower bed to pick at the breadcrumbs. The pics were taken through the glass, fortunately recently cleaned! But these birds were not six feet away from us. We held our breath, tried to remain stock-still and hoped that the camera wouldn't flash, which it didn't as the sunshine thankfully made it bright enough, and so I now present to you four new photos of a pair of Jays at very close quarters.

Handsome devils aren't they! You just get the feeling that they're posing for the camera.

(As per usual, clicking on any of the pics will open it in a larger window. Once you have the larger version, you should find that you get the "magnifying glass" & can click on it for a slightly larger view again)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bird Food

While in the UK we bought a new digital camera, one which has a much higher megapixel rating than the old one. Today my better half snapped this shot of a Jay eating from the fruit of the loquat tree in the front garden. It's been cropped to bring the jay into easy view, and he's still pretty distinct isn't he. With the old camera he'd have been so pixelated that you probably wouldn't have seen him at all.

The fruit of the
loquat tree is a "jay-magnet" at this time of year and we're not complaining. Although it's edible and some of our Greek friends go "yummy!" at the sight of them, we don't enjoy them all that much, so the jays have a ready-made supply of birdfood!

Click on the image for a lager view.
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