Tuesday, 8 March 2011

On this winter's weather...

Photo: Pefkos on a stormy day in February (click on it for a larger version)

Each of us sees things differently I suppose. I'd say that the winter hasn't been appreciably colder than usual, in fact when the sun's been out it's been slightly warmer. My wife and I (I know this is sad, but...) we keep a daily record of max and min temps all year round as well as noting when it rains. Would you believe that in Feb 2010 we had 9 days on which it rained. As for 2011? - 9 again. The difference has been that when it has rained this winter, it's not known the word "moderation!"

We have a log-burning stove and there have been evenings during this winter, especially during January when we had a couple of weeks of glorious warm weather, when we haven't had to light it. Last winter we lit it every evening when we were in.

The fact is that we've been able to enjoy a coffee out [fave pastime] at least once every week this winter, much as usual. Once again, the difference has been that when we have had the bad weather - it's been Baaaad!

One of the theories as to why the floods came is that the hills between Lardos & Laerma have been denuded of trees after the fires of 2008. No trees = nothing to absorb the water when it rains. So, whoosh, straight down the valley...

The Gennadi tornado? Well, we've been here 5 years and have a glorious sea view from our front French windows. Every winter we've seen twisters out on the bay, sometimes three at a time! The difference last week is that one finally (which of course is a very rare occurrence) came ashore - at Gennadi.

Today it's been one of the coldest days of the entire winter, barely topping 11ºC. But that's unusual. In fact we're the only part of Greece not to have snow today!! But the forecast is for temperatures to be in the 20's by the weekend (that's 70ºF).

On balance, I'd still rather a Rhodean winter, weatherwise, than a British summer. Honest!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

By Popular Request...

This may well be termed one of our favourite spots on the island from now on. Why? It's the first (that we are aware of) actual recycling centre on Rhodes. Finally the possibility of recycling plastic bottles, tin cans and glass bottles has come to Rhodes. Not before time. They've chosen an odd place to put it mind you, right outside the Old Town Wall on the Old Harbour. Above you see the beloved getting to grips with her first black bagful of plastic bottles.
...& here's yours truly with a huge sackful of cans which we'd been saving up for our next visit to town. The machine is quite clever actually. You're not supposed to crush the plastic bottles or tin cans first, which I thought was stupid until I realized that the machine does it for you. Plus it records each piece you feed it and spews out a modest credit note at the end which you can use in your local branch of Carrefour when you go shopping. You can also select to donate the cash to the public good if you so wish. It seems a good way of creating a bit on incentive among a people who by and large haven't up until now been very interested in environmental issues like recycling.
Above is the "view" from the recycling centre. Not a bad backdrop in which to be doing your bit for the environment is it? Yes, that's our baby, the white Suzuki Swift!
Above shows the outer terrace of one of the swish new cafes which grace the area right beside the new marina that's taking shape quite quickly now at the north end of the new by-pass on the East coast of town. We had to visit the bank you see to the left, so I snapped this on the way in.
The Old Town on February 28th 2011. I went and parked the car on the edge of town and wandered through the Old Town whilst making my way to meet the missus for that all-important frappe. Yes, it was a frappe day today! See below (not the next one, but further down)
What gives these photos away as taken during winter time is the greenery (oh all right then, weeds!), apart from the lack of people that is! After a wet night, it was a truly glorious day.
Note the Almond blossom on the tree to the left, just beyond the tiny cafeneon. It's quite late this year [see ch. 20 "Gilma's Tears" in the book "A Plethora of Posts"]

Above: Socrates Street, very different from the tourist season eh?
We've decided that our fave cafe is the one right next to the court house on Mandraki, which is where I took this one. It was actually almost too hot in the sun!
The one above should be a lot bigger when you click on it to view in another window. It's two photos fused together, which accounts for the change of hue half-way across. I wanted to show not only the poppies and red anemones growing in the moat area, but how beautiful it is when it's green. In fact I just noticed that it's difficult to make out the flowers, which are in evidence right in front of the wall on the right hand section of the photo. The limitations of my camera I'm afraid folks.

These photographs are posted in response to the many requests I've received for some photos of Rhodes Town during winter. We knew that we'd be in town for most of the day yesterday, Monday 28th February, so I took the camera along and the results are above for you to peruse. As usual, clicking on any of these pics should open them in another window at a larger size.

Hope you like 'em!