Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Frenchman's Dive

If you've read "Feta Compli!" you'll have read in chapter 22 of my good friend Alain's miscalculated dive from a small Greek fisherman's boat near a beach in Kefalonia. Also featured in the chapters about Kefalonia is Andreas Benetatos, who became quite attached to us, and it has to be said we to him, while were stayed in Argostoli in 1987. In the book I mention that I still have a photo taken after Alain had received a bit of "first aid" for his bloodied scalp - well here it is folks!

In the pic above you can see my wife Yvvonne-Maria approaching (in the green bikini) behind Andreas, who's sitting with Alain and offering fairly insincere sympathy. After all, it was very funny once they'd stopped the bleeding!

The beach in the background is Makris Yialos, the one to which the Greek boatman had ferried us back after our exhausting snorkelling session, where even as they sat there and I took the photo a fish was swimming round with a new toupé! If you click on the pic you get an even bigger version, wow!