Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Blossoms Everywhere (updated 12th March)

It's a fab time of the year now. The weather is warming up a little so it feels like a very hot UK summer's day when the sun's out, which it was yesterday while we were doing a little gardening for Josie in Arhangelos. Having lunch outside with her and Pat (her friend from Ireland) we found it to be too hot in the sun and we rather wished for a little more cloud!

The roadsides (like the pic above, just up the road towards Pilona from Lardos) are full of anemonies and wild poppies, the field and olive groves are yellow with a small plant (don't know what it's called) that the children pick and suck the stems, because it tastes like lemons. It carpets the fields with vibrant yellow, wonderful. The margaritas are just beginning to make a showing. They're the gorgeous cream moon-daisies that make the fields look like cheesecake in April. The pale pink rock roses are bursting out now too. Plus, an early morning walk in the hills today took us through loads of flowering French Lavender and purple sage. Just running your fingers through their foliage creates wonderful aromas!

There are baby goats everywhere, eliciting loads of "Aaaah"s from whoever is in the car at the time when we pass some of them. The gorse is flowering and, as we walk along the dirt tracks in the hills behind our home we breathe its heady perfume.

All in all, it's a very nice time of year to be in Rhodes. Got mixed feelings about going to the UK on April 3rd. Dying to see my mum, my sister and her hubby of course. The better half likewise, but in her case also to hit the charity shops! Plus some dear friends in South Wales are high on the priority list, but so reluctant to leave this place! When we get back we'll hopefully be straight into our summer work, me doing the trips to Symi & Marmaris, plus Yvonne-Maria doing a few villa changeovers, plus both care-taking the garden for a huge villa nearby.

Got any plans to visit Rhodes this year?


  1. hi John. If you thought yesterday was hot,how about today.In the sun in our courtyard in Kalithies @ 2pm its 30C.
    from Trevor & Gloria

  2. Far be it from me to shed doubt and all that. But I presume your thermometer is in the shade, as you never get an accurate reading if it's in the sun. Whatever the case, it sure has felt hot in the sun recently!

  3. sounds lovely we are staying in miraluna village resort for a week going on april 10th cant wait for some sun and lovely scenery

  4. Hello Wheelerjan, thanks for dropping by. There will still be some flowers around when you come. You may get an odd shower, but by and large it should be warm and sunny most of the time. The Miraluna Village is lovely, have you stayed there before? It's not far from where we live, but we shall be in the UK while you're over here I'm afraid. Have a lovely time anyway!!

  5. no never been to miraluna or rhodes for that matter cant wait we got a great deal as well so even sure we will have a great time be nice to have a bit of sun winters been terrible here..hope you have a good time in the uk