Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Footsore but Fancy Free

Sunday Feb. 28th.
Parked the car about 11.00am on the beach by the Atrium Palace Hotel at Kalathos and walked along the beach to Haraki. It was a fabulous day, if a bit windy at times. Took us an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Haraki Bay, where we parked ourselves in the "Bottoms Up" bar and had a crèpe and a club sandwich for lunch, washed down with a couple of iced coffees.

After we'd digested our food and enjoyed looking at the Haraki sea for a while, we set off to walk back along the roads. Instead of staying on the main road we took the old "National Road" which goes toward the gorges in the mountains and over the old Italian bridge.

On the way we passed the above flock of sheep meandering among the olive groves. They were rather photogenic, especially as they had some baby lambs "gambolling" as they do! It took us two hours to get back to the car and we reckon the whole walk must have been about ten miles.

My better half had worn the wrong shoes for the walk (so, nothing new there then) and both the heels came off en route, so she covered the last few miles in her socks! Our friend Basili, who has a heel bar in Rhodes town (two in fact), will have his work cut out.

On the way home we stopped by two different friends' houses in Pilona and eventually got home at around 7.00pm, footsore but fairly fancy free!

Tuesday 2nd March
Were in Lindos all morning so had coffee in the Icon Bar. Been living here four and a half years and it's the first time we've been in there! Won't be the last though, great coffee!

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