Friday, 26 March 2010

A Must-Read

In case you've never heard of it, you really ought to check out "Greek-o-File," the eighth edition of which is going to be released next week.

Greek-o-File is a well produced paperback book, which is really a labour of love by Sylvia & Terry Cook, who live in the UK but also have a house on Mitilini (Lesbos). Greek-o-File is crammed with anecdotes and info about all parts of Greece and is a must-read for all Grecophiles.

Check out the homepage HERE for a full description of the publication and also, there's a link on that page (How to Purchase/Subscribe) where you can order your copy of not only No. 8, the new edition, but back issues too.

Sylvia works very hard indeed to get each edition produced and deserves the support of true Grecophiles everywhere. She and Terry don't make a lot of money producing it, but get the satisfaction of knowing that their readers derive huge pleasure from the stories and information that every edition contains.

I can't recommend this publication highly enough for anyone who's interested in Greece, her culture, her people, or simply Greece as a wonderful place to spend your summer hols!

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