Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Picture Postcards Part 2!

Well, July is upon us and the temperature has ratcheted up a notch. My wife always says that the climate seems to know what month it is. Very often it seems that as the month turns, so the weather adjusts itself accordingly. Outside the house today it's crested 40ºC this morning. Ouch!

Even though we've just had the most rainfall for June in living memory, it looks like it's all gone now and the wall-to-wall blue skies are well and truly installed for a couple of months.

Here are a few more shots I took around town a couple of days ago...

This 'walk-thru is just off the Street of the Knights. A welcome area of shade at the current temperatures.

Souvenir stalls on the way down to the Gate D'Amboise.

A jazz band giving it plenty of 'wellie' on the Street of the Knights. They were very good actually.

This little 'cottage' on the Street of the Knights is something I'd never noticed before.

OK, so it may only be convolvulus, or bindweed, but it's still pretty.

That jazz band from a little further away.

The rather elegant 'bandstand' inside the "New Market".

...and the other one on Mandraki harbour-front.

Just a corner I rather liked, just off the Street of the Knights (again!). You can always rely on a cat to find the best shady spot.

The cat's retreat from the other direction.

Finally, I was rather pleased to see this. In the busy tree-shaded area just near the taxi rank at the South end of Mandraki, this former snack-bar was looking decidedly run-down and derelict for quite a long time. It wasn't a particularly attractive sight to see in an area of heavy tourist-footfall. Now it's been renovated and has opened as a souvlaki joint. OK, one could argue that there are now perhaps too many souvlaki joints in a very small area, but I'd rather see it looking like this, than empty and woe-begotten, as it was until recently. I'll probably give it a try soon.
There you go folks. Booked your visit to Rhodes this year yet?

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