Wednesday, 11 July 2018

A Quickie (The Grapes of Wrath?)

Just a quick post before I fly to the UK for a very sad occasion involving the loss of a close family member.

It may not seem much to some but, to us, this year's grape harvest has been a triumph after years of the wildlife getting to the fruit before we could! The grapes are small, but wonderfully sweet, and also seedless, so they're very easy to eat. For the first time in our lives we have eaten grapes that we've grown ourselves and it feels awesome. In fact we have figs and grapes on the breakfast table right now, both of which come from our own garden. Here's a shot or two I took of the grapes...

We can only assume, as I mentioned in another post, that the presence of "Mavkos", the black and white cat that likes to hang around the place these days (with some encouragement from us), is a factor in the upturn of our grape-growing fortunes. No longer do we express wrath at the empty, skeletal stems that we used to find on the vines in the mornings, all of which had been stripped of their fruit during the night, just as we were deciding to try them to see if they were ripe. One could argue that we're harvesting the grapes a little early, but we really don't care if it means we actually get to eat them, plus they taste like they're ready to eat, so maybe they're an early variety anyway.

Also, a few days ago we were wondering how a piece of material could end up hanging in the 'reveal' of an outside window of the house as darkness approached. So we went for a closer look and found that it was not a piece of material at all, but a cute little bat...

Apparently, there are 34 species of bats in Greece, so I wouldn't presume to know this one, but he did have large-ish ears!

The next time I post is liable to be toward the end of next week, at the earliest. I do hope you won't go away in the meantime.

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