Saturday, 30 June 2018

Picture Postcard Time

Time I did another photo-heavy post. So here goes...

I've been wandering the Old Town again. But then, you'd already worked that out.

I went in thru the rather obscure and hidden St. Catherine's Gate this time, which is at the far end of the commercial harbour. Can't help thinking how inappropriately named that gate is, because it brings you into the Jewish quarter of the Old Town. Of course, very few Jewish people remain now, after what happened during the war. But there is a museum that attracts a lot of visitors. Old doorways like this one are fascinating. The old expression "if walls could talk" could equally be applied to old doors.

As I've said more times than I can mention, even in high season, you can find back streets like this one with little difficulty. I've probably mentioned this before, but those buttresses, or arches, are earthquake prevention measures. Not measures to prevent earthquakes, but to prevent damage from... Oh, you know what I mean. They evidently work, when you consider that we're in an earthquake zone and the Old Town is in excess of five centuries old.

This area put me in mind of the Old Town on Naxos. The only difference is that the walls would all be painted white on Naxos.

As above.

I rather liked the juxtaposition in this one. (Posh word, eh? Now and again I surprise myself)

Just don't drop anything out of that window while I'm walking by, OK?

If you zoom this one, you can clearly see the Hebrew inscription above the doorway.

This is the street where the entrance to the Jewish museum is situated.

And, finally, by way of a complete change of theme, we're doing away with our vegetable patch, which used to be a fairly large rectangle. We're doing it for two reasons, 1. The results we've attained in recent years are pathetic and 2. We don't really have the time to do what's necessary to tend vegetables in such a way as to ensure that they're happy. We are, however, installing two raised beds, which are the rectangular ones built with concrete blocks.

I need to order some more blocks yet to complete the second tier. They're not going to be any higher that. These will still enable us to grow lettuce and onions in the winter months, which do seem to still produce for us in sufficient quantity as to merit us carrying on with them, if nothing else. I'll paint the blocks white when they're complete. 

I took these two shots just as the sun was going down behind the hill yesterday evening. I rather like the light at that time of day. I'd just finished installing the pipework for the watering system when we cleared the tools away, made ourselves a drink and sat there enjoying the view over our labours. The pipes had to be buried, because we'll be ordering more gravel to lay around these beds in the next few days.

If you zoom this one you can just make out the pints of lemon squash on our 'crate' table, in front of the 'pallet' seat I made last winter. See, it's not always alcohol, only most of the time!

View from the seat.

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