Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Worth a Thousand Words

In the recent post "Of Moussaka and Men" I mentioned that I'd had the privilege of meeting Graham and Wendy Clarke, from the UK. Graham is a very interesting and personable man whom I took an instant like to. He put me in mind of Captain Birdseye with a dash of that bloke who's supposed to climb down chimneys in late December but, what really shone was his propensity to smile frequently. 

He's also very creative as you can see from taking a peek at his very good website, which is here. To be accurate, that link takes you to his page about his Greek artwork. There is also a lot of other stuff there if you go back to his home page. His illustration called "Octopolis" which is loosely based on the harbour at Halki is a joy to study. You can click on it and get a much larger view once you get to that page which I've linked above. 

The other work you'll see on the right of that page is his highly entertaining and extremely beautiful book called "Octopolis to Halki" which is packed full of amusing notes and clever illustrations around the theme of that most beautiful of islands. A few examples...

I really like his style and I hope you do too. Graham and his wife Wendy have been visiting Halki for many years and it's quite understandable. Very few people who go there come away without having fallen for the place.

If you do check out Graham's web site I'd suggest you have a good riffle (I do so hate that word, as it's pronounced rifle, but spelt as though it ought to read riffle as in "piffle". It breaks the rules you see!)  through all the pages as it's very absorbing!

If you'd like a print of something Greek on your wall that's just a little different, yet exudes the spirit of the place, or indeed a splendid and fairly-priced illustrated book about Halki on your coffee table, you could do a lot worse than avail yourself of something by Graham Clarke.


  1. John are the prints you include above on Grahams website as I could not find them.

    1. Sorry, didn't make it very clear, but those are in the book. There's only the one print on the website, which is the Octopolis one. Try emailing him if you want more individual prints of Greek scenes.

    2. Thanks, will do