Friday, 18 October 2013

One Hour on a Friday

We had occasion to drive down to Plimiri today, so I took the trusty iPad Mini along...

Kiotari, just near the Paralia Taverna, looking South

The beach at Plimiri. Someone had told me that I wouldn't recognise it, there was so much development going on. Well, I could have spotted it in the dark without a moon!! Yes, there is a new hotel complex behind the dunes, but it's not right on the beach (not yet!)

Plimiri "Harbour", much as it's been for years.

No folks, not Cornwall. Plimiri looking North just past the harbour wall.

And finally, the little traditional taverna just back from the harbour, where we keep promising ourselves we'll have lunch one day, but haven't managed it yet! There are just too many places, so little time...

1 comment:

  1. Is the sea round Plimiri particularly dirty? That guy constantly has freshly laundered octopus on his line!
    Nice photos, but what a shame about the hotel, let's hope it's not the start of further building and 'beach grab' doesn't follow!