Monday, 14 October 2013

Small Corners

Been up to town today and so I snapped a few pics in the Old Town. 
Hope they meet with your approval...

Temperature was 28-30ºC today. had a nice frappé in the "Courthouse" Café in Mandraki, then enjoyed a drink with Spiro and Maria at the Top 3 (see "Ideas" page) before doing some shopping and driving back home.


  1. John. We were on the bus leaving town & saw you both crossing the road by the traffic lights near the € 1 shop

    1. Aaah! Giving away our shopping secrets Trev!!! Can't visit town without at least one glance in there, eh? Mind you, the downstairs section was closed off. Hope it doesn't mean something...

  2. Sat. 26 October
    John. We went to the €1 shop today & downstairs still closed off.
    Amongst our purchases today were flip flops,hand wash,pac a mac type raincoats & reading glasses.At €1 it would be rude not to buy

  3. Lovely photos! Looking forward to visiting Rhodes for a week 21st May next year and we are staying in kalithea. My friend has not visited the island before.
    Love from
    Annette xx