Monday, 3 January 2011

Photos Appearing in "Tzatziki For You to Say" -1

The above pic appears on the inside title page of the book. It was taken during a winter stay we had on Symi a few years back, somewhere near the lower end of the Kali Strata.

 Above is my better half, after she'd thanked "Mad" Mihali at "Hari's Bar" for getting rid of a Symi Spider one evening. It appears at the end of Chapter 2, "Livestock."

You have to look carefully, but at the other end of the fledgling vegetable patch is Hartley the Hare, beating a fast retreat after I'd zapped him with the hosepipe. The black and white version appears at the end of chapter 4, called rather unsurprisingly - "Hares and Hosepipes!"

This rather nice view of Lindos from a rooftop taverna is one of the photos supplied by Nigel Sparks from Somerset, England. I used it at the end of chapter 8, "Plants, Pomegranates & Tantrums."

The above pic dates back to 1977 and it's Kalamos beach, north of Athens, where my wife's family have a summer villa. Left to right are: Dave (my step-father-in-law), Yvonne-Maria, [2nd]-Cousin Effie, Lela (my mother-in-law) and cousin Christina, Effie's mum. The island of Evia is in the background. The pic appears at the end of chapter 14, "The Whining."

Batch 2 of Tzatziki's pics is HERE
Clicking on any of the photos should open it in a larger view. The first one is not very good resolution as it was taken with my rather modest mobile phone. The last one is a scanned print.

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