Saturday, 15 January 2011

Photos Appearing in "Tzatziki For You to Say" -2

The above is a view from the top of the Kastro at Asklipio. It looks down the coast towards the village of Gennadi. This photo appears at the end of Chapter 19, "The Things You Have to Do For a Free Coffee."

The photo above was taken in Asklipio village itself and also appears at the end of Chapter 19.

The above is a superb shot of a Rhodean fisherman, taken by Nigel Sparks (who provided me with the front cover photo for "Tzatziki FYTS" too). It appears at the end of Chapter 20, "Kosta's Dilemma."

Above you see the Bay of Pandeli on Leros, where I "dived for jellies" in Chapter 25.
This was taken in 1996 and is a scanned print.

And finally, this is a Symi doorway which rather took my fancy when we stayed there for a vacation in 1995.
It is also a scanned print and graces the page at the end of
chapter 27.

If you click on any of the above photos they should open in a larger view.
There are a few other photos in the book, but the originals were black and white, so they're to be found in a post about my mother-in-law's background, which can be viewed HERE. Those black & white pics appear there at a larger scale.

First batch of Tzatziki FYTS photos HERE.

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