Thursday, 30 December 2010

Correcting an Oversight

On page 4 of Tzatziki For You to Say, there's a brief explanatory note, plus a section entitled "GROVELLING DEPARTMENT," where I credit two people who were of great help to me in producing the book. One was Mr. Nigel Sparks from the Yeovil area in the UK, who sent me the photograph which is used on the book's cover (plus one or two which I've used inside) and the other is Mr. Colin Anderson from Bristol (also UK), who thought up the title when I'd run out of witty ideas.

It was a little remiss of me to forget to also credit my very good friend Brenda Dawson, who lives not all that far from my wife and I, for coming up with the essential "framework" of ideas and recommendations which are listed in chapter 5, which is entitled "Live the Nightmare."

Brenda's experience at the sharp end of buying property here was essential to the information that chapter 5 contains and we'd discussed together putting such a chapter in when I talked with her about preparing book three in the series; since we both thought that, although it's not a bundle of laughs, that chapter may prove invaluable to anyone who is now contemplating buying out here. Why shouldn't they benefit from hers and our experience and, dare I say it, also be relieved of some of the nightmarish pitfalls that those who've gone before have had to experience?

So, since it's now a little too late to change the "Grovelling Department" page, as the book's "signature" (master artwork PDF file) has already gone through the process which culminates in it appearing on &, and would cost a packet to amend, I hereby redress that oversight and once again thank Brenda profusely for all her input on the subject discussed in chapter 5.

On the "Buy the Books" page there is now a direct link for purchasing "Tzatziki For You to Say" direct from too!!

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