Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Mandraki December 7th 2010 (added to Dec 2011)

This is Josie, who came with us on a "jolly" to Rhodes town on Tuesday Dec. 7th. It was a glorious day, although a little drafty in the shade. Still, we stuck it out and sat upstairs on the Kon Tiki, where Josie spoilt us by treating us to a hot chocolate. Josie features in a couple of chapters of "Tzatziki For You to Say."

Above: My better half trying to retain that "chic" look whilst secretly wishing that she was sitting inside, letting the sun warm her through the windows, rather than braving it out on the upstairs terrace.

Above: Yours truly and the light of my life. (Hey guys, I'll teach you how to score a few points if you like!!)

Above: You can tell from this one how wonderful the light was that particular day. The
Turkish mountains were displaying a bit of snow here and there, but it's difficult to make out in this picture.

I ought to add that, just days after these pics were taken a freak whirlwind in Mandraki destroyed the top deck of the Kon Tiki completely and to this day (as at Dec 8th 2011) it's sadly remained closed.

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