Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Sunshine, Shorts and a Degree of Smugness

Anyone who reads my ramblings regularly will know that I get rather fed up with the weather whingers. As I say far too often, a Rhodean winter is much like a British summer and the past few days well illustrate my point.

There are quite a few ex-pats British living here who love to whinge when it rains, when the wind blows or if we have a cold spell (which are all usually quite brief) during the winter months. Yet it's odd how quiet they become when the weather is like it's been here for the past five days. Outside in the garden today it was well over 20ºC and there was hardly a breath of wind. The sky was a deep blue, the kind one rarely ever sees in the UK. It was the kind of day that would sell shedloads of ice cream in the UK during June. Pub gardens would be full and people would be lighting their barbecues in a frenzy of enthusiasm over the 'fabulous summer weather.' Barry Island Beach would be heaving and quite a good percentage of those down there would be braving the waters for a dip.

Yet here on Rhodes it's the end of January...

Sorry about the colour of those legs, folks. 

Anyway, there is no significant rainfall forecast for a while yet, although on Sunday there may be some light rain. Here I go again, sorry, but we are hoping that it will rain again this weekend because the ideal winter here would be for it to rain once or twice a week, in between the bright, blue, clear, cloudless days like we've seen lately.

Keep warm and wrapped up! 

Oh, and come on Wales!! The Six Nations starts this Saturday!!

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