Monday, 30 May 2016

Still Exasperated

I'm still seething Im afraid. I wish some of these irresponsible "journalists" who are responsible for what goes out over the media in the UK could see firsthand the damage they are doing to the livelihoods of so many hardworking locals out here on the Greek islands.

I've just received an email from someone who's been gracious enough to follow my writings for some years now and has, to her credit, still been coming to Rhodes despite her media-credulous "friends" saying stuff like, "You're going THERE? With all those refugees lying about the place?" On her return home last year they also said things like, "You must be sooo glad to be home," as if to implicate that her experience out here on a Greek island must have been so unpleasant.

I suppose it oughtn't to surprise me really. After all, don't the great unwashed also believe all the promises politicians make before they actually get elected and then set about forgetting them all? Call me an old cynic, but having now spent six decades and more on this planet, the only thing I can summon up to say if someone wants to discuss politics is "Animal Farm".

Why is it that the media continue to look for and splash all the bad news, yet conspicuously ignore the opportunities that they also have to redress the balance with the good? Take Lesbos as an example. OK, that island bore the brunt of the tidal wave of refugees last year. Not much was said, though about the fact that the beaches where those poor souls came ashore were only a small minority of all the lovely seaside areas elsewhere on that island. Nothing has been said in the general media either about the fact that this year things have returned to normal and yet, 80% less UK tourists are travelling there for their holidays.

What's also galling is the fact that from what I am hearing the majority of Joe Public in the UK have the idea that just about every Greek island is buried in refugees and thus they're frightened to come here. It's simply not the case. 

If you read the piece on my "News and Stuff" page entitled "Still Misinforming the Public", which I posted on 29th April, you'll understand what I mean. This year, I'm again doing a few excursions, a job I really enjoy. Usually I start with the basic Rhodes Town trip from here in the south on the 2nd Wednesday in May, with the "Bay to Bay" sea-and-swim trip starting at the end of May or the first week in June, owing to the sea conditions being just a little later in settling down to what you need to enjoy such a trip. This year I have just been informed that I'm finally starting the Rhodes Town trip tomorrow, May 31st, and that with only a handful of guests, probably using a 15 seater minibus instead of a usual-sized 50 seater coach.

This will be the first time ever that I've had so few guests at the start of the season for this trip and I can only put this down to the fact that lots of misled people in the UK are still labouring under the misconception that the Greek islands are not a pleasant place to go right now.

It's such a shame that people like me are doing what we can to redress the balance, but our voice is like a straw in the wind against the prevailing impression that the public have been given by the media.

Those who do come to Greece this year will have the last laugh though. They'll find the same Greek welcome, scenery and experience as they always would have, probably even better since the locals will be so glad to see them!

I don't think I'll be wanting to go to the UK though. Did you see this?

Obviously the UK is completely overrun with refugees, camping in public parks and harrassing passers-by. I wouldn't want to experience that, now would I?


  1. Well said we have been coming to the Greek islands for 20plus years,Rhodes for the last 15 and we are also sick of the way the press spread negativity. Ok you might see some people lying around in the streets they might oright mot be refugees, some oeople must walk round UK cities with their eyes shut as we also have people on the streets and they ain't all British .
    The greek people have put up with a heck of a lot and yet they can still make you feel special Nothing the press can say will stop us coming to these magical islands.

  2. Excellent blog!