Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Cheer Up, Might Never Happen.

Did my first excursion of the season yesterday, the latest I've ever started. So, since I had a few hours to kill in Rhodes Town, I decided it was time for a bunch of photographs to shove on the blog, to illustrate just how awful it would be for the poor tourist coming here to Rhodes in the current conditions (heavy irony there, which I'm sure you sussed!).

Have a look at this lot then...

I'm always interested to see side streets like this one, which have oodles of Greek charm, as I wander the modern town's hotel district. The area isn't renowned for its character, yet lots of little nooks an crannies like this are to be found if you just look out for them.


It's amazing how much of the Moorish influence can be seen too in some of the older houses. This one's only a stone's throw up the road from this archway just above the old Lido (now a redeveloped café/bar area)...
(This photo courtesy of Google Street View)

Entering the Old Town via the Gate D'Amboise (just down this lane)

As you can see, we are enduring harsh conditions owing to the hordes of refugees...

These folk look as if they're all desperate to leave and fly home, don't you think?

Have to admit, I never tire of wandering around and getting slightly disoriented. Without the aid of strong drink too!

Just an old doorway that took my fancy. Doesn't it make you want to step inside and see what's in there?

So often I'm so taken with the shape of the old town buildings that it's only when I look at the photos when I get home that I notice the rather "happy-go-lucky" way in which they've brought electrical power to the old town homes and businesses. You don't really notice the cables unless you kind of "zone in" on them.

So, there we are then. Better not come this year eh? Such a difference from how things used to be, don't you think? And if you think I actually mean that, well, what can I say? Cheer up, it might never happen. In fact, it hasn't.

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