Sunday, 3 May 2015

What Do You Expect?

Y'know, they've been talking about a "Grexit" now for seven years. I had people tell me that long ago that Greece was going to get booted out and everything was going to come crashing down around us. Economic woes would become so bad that Greece would return to being a third world country.

Tell you what, if you're hesitating about coming here this year. Maybe this'll help. Just watch this one minute video from Greek Gateway's website, also available on their Facebook page, then decide...

All that stuff you see there is just the same as it's always been. The way of life, the climate, the sea, the dancing, the islands, the cuisine, the archaeology, it's all still here folks.

I'm willing to take my chances on staying here, as are the vast majority of folk I know who have chosen to make the move. 

After all, nowhere's perfect, but TBH, living on a Greek island, despite all the doom and gloom, is pretty damn close! 

By the way - If you click the link to Greek Gateway's Facebook page, you'll be able to watch it in high resolution.


  1. Totally agree with you John! As I said in my last comment I can’t wait to get back to my Rhodean house. Grexit, if it happens, will not bother tourists coming, for a few weeks, with hard currency. If anybody has a problem it will be the likes of you and me with Greek bank accounts, but there are always ways and means… I am looking forward to sorting out my limited garden, fitting out my boat, fettling my tackle (“They can’t touch you for it”!), and meeting up with me mates.

    P.S. did you ever get that PM about my personal details?


  2. Spot on Simon. In fact, for several seasons now I've been talking to guests on the excursions and I've used Marmaris (which I did for several seasons as a day trip) as an example. You could spend a fortnight on holiday there and never see any Turkish currency, since all the shops, cafés, restaurants etc. take Euros, Dollars and Sterling. So the currency would not to be an issue for tourists at all since the same would happen here for sure. Watch out when fettling your tackle by the way, could put yourself in hospital, or at least make your eyes water!!

    Re your details, don't think so. When did you send them?

  3. Regarding the fettling: Last year I did it in public in Costas Bar Halki. The locals looked on in amazement! Then they started expecting me to fettle their tackle for them. I use well maintained lever drag multipliers, but they gave me seized up, corroded star drags. This type of reel acts like a bomb with an anti-tampering mechanism when taken apart. Cleaning, lubricating and re-assembly left me feeling I was heading to a mental hospital!

    Regarding my details: I sent them a couple of months ago via "contact me" on your!contact/c1ium site.