Friday, 8 May 2015

Make it Snappy

OK, this time around it's a few snaps along with some brief comments about them. Well, TBH, some of the comments may not be so brief...

 The snap above has a story behind it. We were invited to dine at a friend's home in the Old Town. The street where she lives is in the south east corner, just inside the wall, not far from The Liberty Gate (Πύλη Ελευθερίας). Efdokia is in her 60's, not much more than five feet tall and almost as wide. She knew that we were vegetarians and so prepared a sumptuous spread which included the dolmades shown above. These I photographed once we got them home because, even though we'd eaten loads of them, she insisted we take the leftovers home with us. What's the white stuff on the left hand side? Yogurt. Yup, I was surprised too. Efdokia told us that when they make dolmades with mincemeat they don't eat them with yogurt, but when they make "pseftikes dolmades" [ie, the vegetarian version], they eat them with yogurt, so she spooned a dollop or two into the plastic container with the ones we were to take home. I have to say that not only were they superb (even my better half partook of quite a few and she's not a great dolmades fan), but the yogurt smeared atop each one really added to the whole taste experience thing. We managed to make two more meals out of these!

A corner of Gennadi village, just a few days ago.

Glystra Beach May 7th. Very unusual not to have the umbrellas and beds out by now, even the kantina wasn't yet up and running. For some daft reason the local councils have been slow off the mark with the auctions this year.

Between Glystra Beach and Lardos Limani. Go on, tell me you don't want to get into that water. We did, later that afternoon!

One of my sister's works. A study of a Lindos doorway.

This plant's still a bit pathetic-looking, but the two blooms it does have are fab, aren't they? (in the garden)
And finally, here's me folks, with our bottle brush plant. We almost cut the buds off, thinking that the flowers had already gone over while we were in the UK. Then the dearly beloved spotted flashes of red along the elongated buds and withdrew the dreaded secateurs. Result? You see it before you above!
(Do you really need me to tell you about how to get to see the larger view of any of the above snaps? Nah, thought not.)

We're hearing the old scare stories again. People reputedly cancelling their holidays because they fear that there will be no money in Greek ATMs, or that the Greek banks will all be shut down, or that tourists won't be able to use cards and thus ought to come with shedloads of cash. Well those who don't come are missing out. What's the biggest industry in Greece?

Tourism, right? Right.

So the Greek government is going to shoot itself in the foot and frighten all the tourists away, right? I don't think so folks.

If you're still umming and ahh-ing, take a gander at this video and make your reservation henceforth!!

Unhelpful panic-spreading like this has been going on for five or six years now. But we're still here and so is the Greek welcome.


  1. One of my dreams woud be to be "stranded" in Greece and have to stay and write a book about my adventures there! ;) However, I just hope the bad-press we keep hearing about the Greek economy doesn't tip some first-time Greece visitors to go for the dreaded All-Inc holidays in the hopes that they've aready paid for all their inferior meals & watered-down drinks so won't need any extra cash!! :( For new Greece visitors - just Go on your own steam & you'll never look back - you'll be fine & love it! PS love you sister's painting, have ooked at her bog :)
    Val (one of your GGR group members) :) x

    1. Lovely comments Val, thank you. If I had a Euro for every guest I meet on my excursions who are on A.I. holidays and tell me they'll not be doing it that way again...

      There is a growing lobby to get legislation passed in Greece to inhibit the further growth of the all inc. Trouble is, the companies that do it have big bucks.

  2. Sorry, my keyboard seems to be having a problem with the letter 'l'!!

    1. 'Ell of a probem that then Va, eh?

  3. Re: your PS comment at the end.
    Arghhhh!!!!! For one thing you won't NEED shed loads of cash and another, from my experience, the greeks are so lovely your cash will be quite safe anyway!! Is the sea temparature warming up by the Way??

    P.S ,"nice bottle brush flower on your shorts!

    Best regards "Porridge Oats"

    1. Trust you to spot that!!! Had two swims this week, sea now just cresting 20ºC and rising.