Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Where Are You Monte?

Staggered as I am that quite a few of my friends and readers have as yet never visited the Rhodes Acropolis, formerly known as Monte Smith (see previous post "Alas Poor Doric" and some of the comments on it), maybe this will help. 

Monte Smith and the stadium are both clearly marked...


  1. Great, John, that's helpful. No excuse for putting off a visit any longer!


  2. Hi John! No idea where you got that map from. The "Hospital" on Papalouka really baffled me. I presume it relates to a structure long gone? I would recommend "Google Earth". Using your map the structure of the ancient stadium is easily located on the GE picture. In reality I guess a lot of people will be going by taxi anyway so it is not a problem. There is a MAP of Rhodes in a green cover with the magic letters GPS on it. All other maps are so inaccurate as to be hazardous. I have lost count of the tourists in cars and on quadbikes I have seen looking at "Rhodos Gold" in puzzlement. That "map" in particular is a disaster!
    (Just a tip for those hiring a car.)


    1. TBH Simon, it doesn't really matter. It's ony to show where the place is after all!!! It's not an exhaustive guide to Rhodes town!!