Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Sweet Passtime

It's so useful being out in the garden. The honey men have just passed in their truck again, three of them, with the one in the middle still wearing his protective stuff, looking like something out of Quatermass!!

But, seeing me hard at it with my rake they slowed to a stop just below our wall and, guess what, one of them jumped out and gave me another jar!!! It amuses me to see that the label mentions Kos, but who cares? These guys are stars and they do this so often it makes it worth being out there, just in case they pass again!!

A previous post where I've mentioned this rather nice habit of the honeymen is here...

What you get for gardening up a dirt track in Kiotari - near where the honeymen place their hives.
As I've probably said before, the only reason we can think of for their consistent generosity is the fact that their bees make plentiful use of our blooms as they go about their daily business of honeymaking.

Whatever the reason, boy does it make you feel good when this happens!!

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