Monday, 17 November 2014

Village Views

Down in Lahania the other day; so, just for you, I snapped these with my phone...

Photo courtesy of Elyros Olive Oil
After that we drove on down to Kattavia to see a couple of Greek friends over from Baltimore. They hail from here but have lived over there for many years. As we sat out in their sunny courtyard, sipping Elliniko and nibbling on Koulourakia, we couldn't help but be thankful!! After all it was hot in the sun and the citrus trees in their garden were all laden with fruit, plus their parsley and celery patch was awash with very healthy examples of both vegetables.

After an hour or so of putting the world to rights, it was time for us to head home and prepare some lunch (you can't be too careful, need to keep your strength up, eh?). We'd need to pick up a "psomi" on the way too.

Before we could leave they'd shown us around their garden (which elicited cries of frustrated jealousy from us over the sheer abundance of fruit on their trees) and then filled one plastic bag with celery and parsley and another with oranges and mandarins and thrust them into our hands...

You know, there is nothing quite like the aroma of walking in bright, warm sunshine among citrus trees when the sky is a deep blue after a good rainstorm and then sampling some of the fruit right off the tree. Plus our fruit bowl hasn't been so full for quite a while. Did I ever tell you that this is probably our favourite time of year? Yea, probably did. The breakfast meusli is once again adorned with delicious, fleshy orange fruits which hours ago were still on the tree.

Oh, and last week I bought myself a mountain bike in a fit of rebelliousness about this "age" business (I turned 61 this week. There must be some mistake, I was never meant to get past 18. Being of mature years was for other people wasn't it?)! 

If you're good I might just show you a photo when I actually get on the thing!!! Can't take one now, it's 2 o'clock in the morning ...what are you doing up?

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