Saturday, 22 November 2014

Twitchy Finger Time

Of course, I'm referring to my shutter finger as this is a post primarily one of recent photos. So here we go then...

Saturday November 22nd 2014. The public water tap in Lahania. Can you spot Count Dracula on the side of the building? He has a black cloak on.

Taverna Orizontas, Lahania. Saturday November 22nd 2014

Taverna Orizontas, Lahania, again. Saturday November 22nd 2014

With my new toy, November 19th.
Be careful what you ask for. We were just bemoaning the fact that our old friend Dhopi had returned to Bulgaria and so our source of oranges and lemons had dried up when...

All picked by our own fair hands!!

Beach near Gennadi, Friday 21st November 2014.

Beach right across from The Pelican's Nest, Kiotari, 21st November 2104.


  1. And you didn't come across Papa Georgio in Lahania? Was he out of town?

    1. Oh yes, George, we did. he hailed us a "Kalimera" from within the building as we passed, but as we've had many a conversation with him and he appeared to be busy, we didn't spend any time with him on this occasion. Dunno if you've read "A Plethora of Posts" but there's quite a bit about him in chapter 39.

    2. Oh yes John, (yes John, yes John, yes)! well familiar with this, but what a character. Any visit to Lahania wouldn't be complete otherwise.

    3. Long time no speak, John but I was perusing your site in our cold November to cheer me up- saw the phots of Taverna Orizontas- we had a fantastic meal there in May - Hostess couldnt speak a word of English but we still understood that her husband was out in the fields tending watermelons while she cooked- We shall retunn.... Di

    4. How nice to hear from you Di, and your comment tells me that there is much benefit for my UK (and elsewhere) pals in my relentless search for new things to take photos of! I shall ever strive to fulfill my commission!!!