Friday, 5 September 2014

This, that and ...well, let's just leave it at that.

Couldn't resist this. An old oven in old Pilona just after sunset one recent evening.

Me and the chaps on the "Lindos". Kostas left and son Dimitri, right

 Just decided to chuck a load of photos on this time, so I'll simply caption them where necessary.

Hope you like 'em (and that you'll remember how to get a good larger look at each one).

Know where this is then? Rhodean regulars will have no trouble.

As always, during my Excursion to town last Tuesday, I went awanderin' and shot away with the iPad  just to prove how quiet it is once you get off the main tourist streets in the Old Town. Do I tire of it? Never.

This is probably not the building you may think it is. It's another one in a much quieter part of the town.

...and this is the rather lovely cafe/bar just behind it (see previous photo above)

"Oh, I don't know. No. 27 is really letting the neighboorhood down these days. I mean, what does a lick of paint cost?"

What amazes me is this: every time I go wandering in the Old Town I deliberately try and take turnings I haven't taken before. And every time I do this I find little hidden gems like this. Not five minutes from here it's heaving with visitors browsing the tourist shops, drinking in the bars on the main throroughfares, dining in the restaurants, yet look! Isn't it just delightful? Bit hot though.


And now for something completely different...

Above is the new sign declaring the presence of the recently opened cafe/bakery on the main road just near Lardos, right opposite the furthest South road into the village of the three from the main road (a bit clumsy that, but I hope you get the idea!). It's also beside the top end of the lanes leading down to Lardos Beach (one of which passes the Olive Garden Hotel and another I can't remember the name of now, sorry).

 There are a few cane tables and chairs outside and inside you'll find Nicoletta ready to serve you. She's a very sweet and hardworking girl and we've been there for a frappé several times already. If you're on the hoof and want a frappé to drink in the car, or you have the time to sit outside and enjoy it along with a cake or something, I can recommend it. Her prices are very good and her frappé too is as good as anyone's. We had a couple of naughty cakes and a frappé each recently, plus collected a loaf of delicious, fresh bread to take home for lunch and I thought that she'd made a mistake with the bill, it was that reasonable.

The building has been a bakery for many years, but up until recently it was only a bakery supplying bread and cakes to the surrounding area. Lately though it has opened with an actual storefront and seating area plus ample parking for retail customers. It deserves to be a success and, judging by the locals we've seen sitting outside, it will be.


  1. John. The 3rd Photo the sea food taverna is by the taxi rank close to Mandraki

    1. Spot on Trev. Mind you, if YOU hadn't known that I'd have been VERY surprised!!

  2. Bakery is going to be a 'must visit' for us. Yum yum!


    1. Yes Vicki, it's basic but very good value and right on the main road. Tell Nicoletta that John & Maria from Kiotari told you to come won't you! She'll remember who we are if you tell her we're the couple who came back with the money for the chocolate croissant a few weeks ago. She forgot to charge us and we only realised after we'd left. So a couple of days later I went back in and paid her, showing her the receipt and how she'd forgotten to "ring up" the croissant. She couldn't belive we'd been so honest, mind you, neither could we!!

  3. As usual John, lovely photos and always enjoy your comments - keep it all coming!