Thursday, 11 September 2014

Picture Postcard

Yet another post of photos, primarily of the Old Town. See, the thing is, I just can't resist pointing the lens when I see these scenes. 

So, once more, hope you like 'em...

All the below photos were shot on Tuesday September 9th 2014.

OK, detectives among you, where's this then? And Trevor - don't give it away! Let some else have a go first!!

The moat (which was always intended as a dry moat, not a wet one) is very impressive and well worth walking around. It certainly gives one an idea of how intimidating it would have made the Old Town to would-be invaders.


And, as I've said before, these last few well demonstrate that the old town is in no way completely spoilt by tourism.

More tales of quirky goings on will follow soon...


  1. Enjoyed the pics, as always John. Especially the 'horse's eye'. I guess you are saving all your words for the next novel so keep at it there are readers waiting. Oh and my guess for the building on the corner is Jarrold's department store in Norwich !! Google an image and you'll see why.


    1. Hmm, bit of a stretch, but at least it does have a rounded corner!!!