Monday, 18 November 2013

Vati One Day, Vilcha the Next

Some photos from this past Saturday morning in the Village of Vati. It's interesting that on Facebook, all the ex-pats living out here are quick to comment when it's thundering and raining, yet go curiously silent when the next day it's wall-to-wall sunshine and 21ºC again...

The local feline "Steki" [hangout folks]...

...and just around the corner: "I vont to be alone."

And on Sunday, we breezed through Vlicha...

All this winter weather. I dunno how we cope with it, I really don't.

That's the terrace of the Lindian Jewel hotel to the right

Not bad for November 17th, eh?

(And please note Vicky, no mention of alcohol!)


  1. Hi , John, you really no how to rub it in!.Keep up the good work !.

    1. Wot, you mean like "Deep Heat" or Vick's Vaporub?

  2. Sorry, its freezing over hear , and we have to wait till next summer to get our Greek fix. Hope the op goes ok.