Thursday, 21 November 2013

Phone Calls and More Photos

Well, thanks all you Greek doctors who are going on strike next week. No, I mean it. It's because of the upcoming strike that the surgeon who's doing my hernia op called me (to my endless amazement and amusement) personally to re-schedule my op to an earlier date!! He talks to me on first-name terms too, like we were old buddies. I have to say that I rather like this personal touch. The guy's really put me at my ease about the whole thing. So now I'm checking into the hospital at 8.00am on Monday 25th to have the op on the Tuesday. 

All being well, then, this time next week it'll only hurt when I laugh...

Here's a clutch of recent photos for you, since we're getting out for long walks much more often now that the temperatures are more conducive...

La Strada  taverna's section of Kiotari waterfront, November 7th

Fancy a date then babe? In the garden of the Rodos Princess Hotel, also Nov 7th

The pool terrace of the new Boutique 5 hotel, same date again.


A scene we're seeing more and more often these days. Greeks are ploughing up land they'd left fallow for years and once more growing vegetables. It's one of the positive things to come out of the current crisis.

Nice view of the gathering storm, looking toward Gennadi, 4.50pm

A welcome guests in the garden, well, on the terrace to be precise. Mantis' are the gardener's friend. They're also quite harmless to humans. She's about three inches long by the way.
She (Least I think it's a she) is a bit nervous as I approach a little closer to 'snap' her. If they feel threatened they'll rear up and spread open their wings. Note how her head is swivelled my way to keep a close eye on me! A lot of females tend to do this. Can't think why.
After we'd gently persuaded her on to the soil, she got spooked even more. She's quite beautiful though, don't you think? Anyone know if mantis' can change colour? I ask because during the night there was another of similar size on the house wall on our terrace, but she was bright green, whereas this one's brown.


  1. Hi John,
    Hope you got through the storms & flooding yesterday.
    Hang in there

    1. Hello Dave, nice to hear from you. By the way, I've recently taken to drinking Strongbow now and again.

      There's a bit of info in the post "Snap Happy" about the storm. We got off lightly here, as we very often do. We live up on a hill, which helps when it's torrential rain, which causes flash floods in a lot of villages. A power cut (par for the course) was the worst inconvenience we had to deal with.

  2. Lovely pics and I like the sneaky reference to the 1970's TV show!
    All the best