Tuesday, 2 July 2013

In "Train-ing"

Some time ago I'd have been the first person to pooh-pooh the upsurge in the "little train" phenomenon which is sweeping tourist destinations it seems just about everywhere. But it seems that one has to admit that these vehicles do afford the passenger a rather fun experience, often proving invaluable to families or those with walking difficulties, enabling them to see places which they may otherwise may have had to forgo.

So, I'm rather happy to make known the fact that there is now a "Little Train" running in Butterfly Valley. Called the "Butterfly Train" (do please click the link. They have posted some exquisite photos on their site) it's managed by a very nice chap called Panagiotis and his Scottish wife, the indefatigable Maggie...

Kyr. Panagiotis at his ticket booth
The train runs from the coach park at the South end of the valley all the way up to the Monastery, from where passengers can either ride the train back down, in which case they'll miss the butterflies, or they can enter the valley from the top end and only walk it in a downhill direction (much easier for those not so fleet of foot), arriving back at the lower entrance from where they started out. If you're going up there, Panagiotis and Maggie have a very good colour brochure which you can avail yourself of explaining all about the train in 6 languages.

I particularly took to Maggie and her husband for another most important reason. Anyone who's read my ramblings for a while will know how dedicated my wife and I are to recycling, something which has been a long time getting off the ground here in Rhodes. Well, finally things are moving for the better.

Maggie and Panagiotis were the first to establish a complete recycling centre in the area just off Kanada Street to the South and East of Rhodes Town. I'm going to make a visit there this very week, along with several sacks of plastic bottles, cans, glass and paper/card, for all of which the centre has the machinery installed to crush and process.

Maggie has given me directions about how to get there, so once I've made my first visit I'll post the exact location, using a map, on the News and Stuff page for any Rhodean residents who may be ecologically aware enough to want to make use of the place. They have passed the running of the centre on to a local businessman, after the local authority had shown themselves rather slow to see its potential for profit. 

All in all, some good news, eh?

Once again, I've been snapping away this past week, so here are some more photos hot from my iPad Mini...

More Halki magic, Ftenagia Bay with Rhodes in the background

The taverna on Ftenagia Beach

Ftenagia, ...again!!

...and again!!

This is Giannis and his fishing boat. Giannis is a Halki native and he used to work on the Nissos Halki boat, which was where I got to know him. I've yet to run into him and not be greeted by a huge smile. He can frequently be seen entering one of the tavernas on the front with a supply of freshly-caught fish.

One end of Halki harbour front, where we reps often go for a dip
As per usual, don't forget to click on any photo to see a larger view.


  1. Definitely going to make Halki high on my priority list of must see places next year. Your photos have whetted my appetite even more

  2. If you keep up the stream of beautiful photos,John,you will be my new best friend. I am nursing a horrendously sprained ankle and limited in my activity at the moment so browsing your pics has been a pleasant distraction! More please.

    1. OK, always ready to oblige. You may have to wait until Wimbledon's over though. Hope Keith is keeping you supplied with food and drink...