Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Photo Frenzy

Just gone mad with the camera lately. So here are some of the results...

The quay at the North beach, Kolymbia, near the "To Nisaki [Το Νησάκι]" Taverna

Butterfly Valley. Friday June 21st 2013

A Halki Doorway

Path to Ftenagia Beach, Halki

Taverna on Ftenagia Beach, Halki

Fancy a swim? Ftenagia Beach jetty, Halki

Ftenagia Beach itself

The most excellent fare on offer at the "To Nisaki" taverna, Kolymbia. The Swordfish Souvlaki was probably the best we'd ever tasted. Middle plate is their delicious chickpea rissoles, which for some reason they don't call 'revithokeftedes', but rather 'Pitaroudia'. Who cares? They were fab!

One could hardly ask for a better setting for a taverna. "To Nisaki" again, Kolymbia

Never miss a trick, that's my motto.

Good food and a good view soon puts a smile on my better half's face

The small harbour at Kolymbia South Beach where we join Captain Mike for a lazy day cruise every Monday (See The View From Kleoboulos Facebook page for a weekly album of photos snapped on the cruise)

Captain Mike himself, plus someone I've seen somewhere...


  1. Photographic insanity much appreciated, John! Could you put some pitaroudia in the post please?

  2. Nice photos. Enjoy reading your blog.
    Tony and Amalia
    From Asklipio and Canada.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch, Tony. Yes I know a number of folks from Asklipio who've lived in Canada. How often are you over here?

  3. Great evocative photos, excellent and thanks.