Saturday, 18 May 2013

We're Off...

Halki yesterday was a very laid back affair. Only half a coach-full of very well-behaved guests (!) and as the day progressed the sky became gloomier. It's the old Αφρικανική σκόνη you know. "African dust" blankets us now and again during the spring and it's something the tourists don't always know about. To the visitor it just looks like a muggy, dull day, when it's actually half the Sahara desert visiting itself upon us from on high. A couple more days yet before it's gone this time around, but it won't be as dull today and tomorrow as it was yesterday.

The cafe right on the quay at Halki has had a very tasteful facelift and Kyria Levkosia is back in her kitchen, so Grace tells me, which means I'll be going there next visit. This time around I went to Maria's and received a very warm welcome, as always of course.

Babis has been vending his fresh fruit and small packs of honey and sesame seed covered nuts for 27 years at Butterfly Valley. A nicer chap you couldn't hope to meet.

"Big" Manolis, one of my favourite drivers, and I, in the "Saloni"

Panos, Grace's driver, plays Tavli in the Cafe on Halki harbour-front

Maria's, with freshly painted chairs and tables


  1. Hi just a thought: I tried to hit the subscribe button and all I got was a page full of gibberish. any chance of a RSS feed type button or?

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for the suggestion. Frankly, this RSS Feed stuff is all a bit over my head. But I have just added something that might do the trick if you scroll on down the left hand column, just past "The Culprit". See if it's what you need and if so, let me know maybe?

    Thanks for your interest, much appreciated.

  3. I do love the colour of those chairs in the last photo, I would love that colour on one wall of my kitchen just to remind me of Rhodes.