Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Good Meal, Then Walk it Off!!

My friends James and Neil on Symi have just posted this photo on their blog "Symi Dream"...

The post with this photo in it is here:

If you're visiting Symi this year, I'd highly recommend you visit Taverna "O Meraklis", which is run by a very nice guy called Sotiri. When, a few years back, I used to do Symi as an excursion every week, I always took lunch here and, prior to that, when my wife and I had a number of vacations on Symi we'd keep gravitating back to this taverna, which, as you can gather, has been there many years.

It's the real deal and is easily found by strolling about fifty meters or so up a back street from the corner of Symi waterfront. The corner in question is the one right at the bottom in this picture below (the left corner of the harbour front when viewed from the sea)...

Photo courtesy of
Taverna O Meraklis is not far from the little © on the photo above.

While you're on Symi, it would be a good idea too to walk up the Kali Strata, where you'll (if you're fit enough!!) eventually reach the shop called "Symi Dream". Well worth a visit if you want a really tasteful and different souvenir of this wonderful island.

Details on how to get to Symi from Rhodes "under you own steam" as it were, are to be found on my "Nearby Islands" page.

So, there you are. You can sample some excellent traditional Greek cuisine at Taverna O Meraklis, then walk it off as you climb the 350 steps of the Kali Strata, ...enjoy!

Oh, and I'd be very remiss not to give you the link to the taverna's Facebook page, where there's a great photo of Sotiri himself, behind a table laden with some pretty "νόστιμο" food!!

*addendum summer 2015: It is my understanding that James and Neil have now closed the shop "Symi Dream", but Neil continues with his excellent and creative photography and James with his writing projects. Both may be contacted through these links, James, Neil. 


  1. Thankyou for the Symi information, i will be visiting Sotiri on your recommendation in a couple of weeks, do you think he'd like some porridge oats to look after?????

    1. Actually Margaret, I don't do Symi any more. Plus, we've been well supplied with oats this year so far. But a 4-pack of sugar-free Polo left with Despina at Bottoms Up would be much appreciated!

      I don't think you'll be disappointed with Taverna O Meraklis though.

    2. Oh dear, then that mission will be September possibly !!!
      Nevertheless, i'm pleased to hear you are doing alright for oats!!!!!

      Looking forward to treading "new ground" in Symi in June,and will almost certainly, (if our legs will allow),visit Symi Dream.

      Best regards

    3. If you do visit James and Neil at Symi Dream, don't forget to tell them how you heard about them! Ta.

    4. Yes of course, will do.

    5. Re. Symi Dream.....Mission accomplished!!!!

      Taverna O Meraklis was absolutely fabulous, excellent food,excellent service,sensible prices, always busy,........ in fact we went there 3 times out of our 6 nights in Symi, thankyou to you and Symi Dream for the recommendation.

      Regards "Porridge Oats"

    6. Excellent. A result!!! Glad our suggestions enhanced your stay Margaret.

  2. I think most interesting is Old Town in Rhodes.All these are very beautiful.