Friday, 28 December 2012

Flowers, Fowl and Far Away From it All

A few pics of the flowers in our garden taken on Dec 25th...

The foreground flowers are Gazania, which are wonderfully blousy and come in loads of colours

Gazania close-up

These are Lantana, which you see everywhere these days. They flower almost all year round

Love this rose, it's a "Penindafila", meaning fifty petals, whereas the usual rose is called "triandafila" or thirty petals. We'd call it a "double" (I think!).

And a house near the beach between Kiotari and Gennadi...
No reason, just liked the ducks and chickens running free!

And on Glystra Beach, same day...
Yes, while the rest of the world observed Saturnalia, the feast of the re-born, unconquered sun, we walked to Glystra, sunbathed in 21ºc and even went in the sea!! (Trevor and Gloria would have approved, that's an "in" joke.)


  1. As always, John, great pics! But I swear you must be from Norfolk...........
    'They flowers almost all rear round' under the lantana! Either that or you have partaken of too much festive cheer!!
    Best wishes for the New Year

    1. How many times did I read that, too! Had to correct it though, so no one else will have any idea what this is about!

  2. Expect they will assume I too have overindulged in Saturnalian tipple.....unconquered sun? More like unseen here!