Saturday, 8 December 2012

Climate Change

Following the last set of shots taken on a beautifully bright day, below are included, among a few others, some shots of the way the weather's been changing of late. It's remained mild, but we've actually had some half-decent rain, which is good news. I've been up in Thessalonika for the best part of a week (Sunday 2nd  - Fri 7th). More about that later. While I was away, my better half, not one to be got the better of (is that actually English?), took a couple of shots when the clouds were piled high.

Plus, with my old mobile phone I took a couple more at our friends' house of their cute little invaders, the tree frogs. Plus there are a couple of odd photos of this and that...

This was the sky from our place on November 21st. We may not get it all that often, but when we do get stormy weather, it has me running for the camera. The kind of skies we get I wouldn't miss for the world, although we do tend to run inside once they get close enough to throw their contents down at us.

Same day as above. The system had become much closer and once again the sky was totally amazing.

Monday November 26th, at Asklipio. Just arrived to collect our mail. Loved this angle, showing the gourds in the terraced garden below the Agapitos Taverna, right up to the tower of Asklipio Kastro.

Thursday November 29th. We'd been up in the hills with our neighbours on a wood-run. Here the better half does what she does best, she gets stuck in!!

Friday morning December 7th. The day I was flying home from Thessalonika. Y-Maria was delighted to see a complete rainbow just above the hill beside the house, but she couldn't get it all in shot!

Come on, you do agree don't you. The 'aaaaah' factor kicks in here. One of those beautiful little tree frogs standing sentinel on a jardinière at our friends' house. Every now and again he'd (or maybe she'd) pipe up a bit. Can't describe their little warble very accurately, but "cute" does the job pretty well.

Same guest, different angle. Bernard, householder in background. We all agreed, "How the Dickens do they get up there?"
Next post will be a bit about the Thessalonika trip.


  1. John. Seeing your wood pile have you like us, not yet lit the wood burner

    1. Like you Trev, we haven't found it cold enough yet this year. Quite a contrast from last winter, eh? I'm almost wishing it would get colder, 'cos I want to see the flames flickering on a dark night.

  2. Well John , you could always have a late night BBQ

  3. great photos John, I love to see weather fronts rolling in like that. Sadly, we don't have a huge view like you do, to get the full effect...............yet.

  4. As ever you have brightened my day at work. The weather in Britain is rather awful at the moment, but heyho thats life bouy!!