Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Whacky Snaps

Really, you ought to be wearing your safety belt. Incidentally, that's a Komboloi on the mirror. It has no relation whatsoever to a rosary!! It's simply Greek "worry beads" - there's a bit of a run on them at the moment.

The Androgynous loo for hermaphrodites? On board the Nikos Express

The "Info" board on the Nissos Halki. That word at the top is the crew's attempt at spelling "Friday"! I would explain but you'd soon get bored!!!

A tree frog, of which we have a plethora here in our valley. Yes they do climb trees - and walls too. Some friends living nearby actually have them sitting on their wall lamps over their patio doors on their veranda. They make a regular cacophony during the night time, but a pleasant one nonetheless.


  1. Hi John, the beads on the mirror remind me of a coach journey we took from Kamena Vourla to Athens many many years ago. The driver had everything you could think of hanging, stuck and lodged in the dash area which was clearly his space. There was a big light sat on top of the dash which was permanently on as we rode along the coast road. I asked someone what it was. Apparently the coach was regulated to only travel at a certain speed and if the driver was going too fast the light would come on! "No worries" as we used to say then.

    1. Wouldn't be any good most Greek cars having that light gadget then Andy!! Nice story, thanks.

  2. I love the spelling, John, and would like to hear why it is so. On a visit to Malta over 40 years ago, Andy, I was somewhat concerned to find that the bus drivers always sat to one side of the steering wheel. I think it was considered unlucky to sit directly behind it..........very unnerving and I'm not sure how they managed the pedals!
    Sorry John, hope you don't mind me commenting on a comment!

  3. I rather like the cat on the dashboard of the car and the lovely tree frog. I do love Greek signs they do make me laugh!


    1. "The Cat on the Dashboard" almost a good name for an Edward Lear poem, eh?