Sunday, 9 September 2012

Smile Please

Another post carrying some photos, this time taken on Halki, Friday 7th September...

(As usual, clicking on any image will give you a larger view. "Right-clicking" on the larger view will give you the option to "View Image". In this next view you'll get the magnifying glass, enabling you to zoom even more, good eh?)

Just trying to be arty...

This is Zois [with Katerina, left], who runs Taverna Babis, situated right across the quay from where the Fedon ties up. This freshly caught tuna was already steaks in the cold cabinet by the time we'd finished our lunch!


  1. John. that photo of the tuna brought back a memory of a holiday on Lesvos
    At a beach side taverna I ordered grilled tuna, thinking it would be a tuna steak.Oh No. A whole tuna arrived.I was thinking how well I had done in finishing it, with some help from the tavern cats. I could not believe it when a 2nd tuna arrived

  2. So, after that you changed your tuna I suppose?

  3. Chalki/Halki looks really nice - must put it on my to visit list of greek islands!!

    Have you visited Patmos?


    1. Only while passing through; saw the harbour from the boat we were on at the time. One of the Greek detective stories I recently read was set there so it would be nice to go there and stay a while.

  4. I want to live in Villa Anouska (pic 6)!