Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dragged Kicking and Screaming...

Well today I did my first excursion of the 2011 season. 

It was a very relaxed affair, involving collecting my 61 guests from a couple of hotels in the general Lindos area, bus-ing them to Lindos itself, where I took them on the shuttle bus from Krana Square down to the main square in the village, from where I walked them holding my clipboard aloft down past the Rainbird Bar and down to the jetty on Pallas Beach. There we boarded the "Captain Mihalis", captained by - yes you've guessed it - Mihalis, who's a very nice bloke in his late forties at a guess.

Once on board we cast off for Mandraki Harbour in Rhodes town, a voyage of about two and a quarter hours. Once we'd disembarked at Mandraki, I walked the guests into the old town, went for lunch with a clutch of them in Yiannis Taverna, which is a small traditional affair, even down to the checked tablecloths. If you click that link by the way, forget the review by LJML, London, and look at the rest!!

On the way back we stopped for a swim in impossibly calm waters at the top end of Tsambika Beach, before heading back down to Lindos. Another day at the office. Boy life can be hard sometimes.

Why am I telling you this? Well, the thing is, there was this English bloke among the four Brits I had on board with the rest, all of which were French and all quite charming I might add, and he was reading for quite a lot of the time. But he was reading on his Amazon Kindle thingie.

Now I've had readers request that I make my books available for use with the Kindle, a process which heretofore I had been led to believe would be a bit involved and consequently had shied away from since I'm just too busy at the moment. But since here was a fella actually using one of these new-fangled tablet-type things I thought, why not tap his brain a bit? Incidentally his charming wife was reading a real old-fashioned book made out of paper, much to my relief as she soon chipped in that she preferred to turn real pages, to my immediate and wholehearted agreement!

Nevertheless, since I am prepared to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, albeit reluctantly in this case, I proceeded to interrogate my guest about the formats that can be used on a Kindle and he confirmed that they do indeed work with PDF files. Had I known this months ago, I'd have done this sooner, but now - I hope much to the delight of yer Kindle user - you can click HERE, scroll down and find "Add to basket" under each title. If you haven't already joined lulu.com, you may have to do so at this point, but it's free and only takes a mo. Then of course you'll also be in a position to add a review to any or all of my works on the publisher's site too, what a fab idea, eh?

So there we are. I've taken yet another step along the road to modernity. Didn't even hurt all that much either, if the truth be told.


  1. Fran AKA Mr SKF7 June 2011 at 11:15

    Just bought a Kindle for my daughters (28)birthday. It is fantastic. Over 35,000 books can be stored on it, so instead of bringing 20 plus books in September I will borrow her kindle and have a lighter suitcase.
    First a laptop, now publishing as ebooks, what's next ? I can't wait.

  2. Probably go for my pilot's licence...
    Or maybe do a pHD...

    DUCK!! Huge pig just flew over then, did you see it?

    Covert reference above to Think Floyd too, as they're playing this weekend in Lindos. if you're a Floyd buff and don't get that, you're not really are you!!

  3. That's interesting John as I have been thinking about a Kindle as well. It will probably be like the Sat Nav, I resisted that and then having finally got one, I now wonder how I managed without it!

    Lindos sounds amazing, I intend to post soon on some of our memories there.

    Pal of mine is a big Think Floyd fan, enjoy the show.......

  4. Great I will now download to read for my next vist to Lindos in July,
    John wellcome to the new world, us elder statesmen get there in the end, now how do I set that VHS ...........

  5. You've got VHS? Wow, I'm still struggling with Betamax...

  6. Would you mind recording your books onto tape so I can play them on my Revox reel to reel? Ha -ha!

  7. Tape? Whassat then? By the way, what do you think of these new-fangled wax cylinders?

    Actually, this is getting too silly!!! We'll all be Amish soon at this rate.

  8. Colin A, Bristol8 June 2011 at 17:26

    Hooray, well done John. What about audio-books next?

  9. Hang on there Col, give a guy a chance to catch up eh! I know, you were joking (you were, weren't you?)