Saturday, 9 February 2019

Waves of Emptiness

A photo-heavy posts for you today. First, a few photos from the local beach here in Kiotari from Wednesday February 6th, around midday. 

Then a bunch of shots from Friday February 8th, mid-afternoon, in Old Rhodes Town.

Hope you like them...

Could almost be Cornwall!

We know this stretch of beach well, and yet we couldn't recall ever seeing that tree so engulfed in the sea before. After some pretty horrendous winds recently, the beach has effectively been eaten away. There will be a lot of beach-landscaping done before the season begins, that's for sure.

Just a tad quieter than August, eh?

You won't see cars all the way up Socratous St. like this in the season.

As you can see, there are places open all year round. This one's only this quiet because it's siesta time.

There are some major renovation works going on in the Street of the Knights. Don't worry, once the season begins it'll all be done and dusted. But then again...

"You're NOT taking ANOTHER photo, surely!"

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  1. Lovely photos, it is great to see Rhodes during the Winter xxx