Wednesday, 23 January 2019

That Strange Light in the Sky

When we lived in the UK, when the sun came out we used to joke, owing to all the cloudy days, "What's that strange light in the sky?"

So far this winter, at least from the end of November, it's almost been British weather. But, it's still been redeeming itself now and then. Yesterday was a case in point. Yesterday it was t-shirt weather for most of the day and, as the afternoon wore on, we took a walk up the lane towards Asklipio village.

That's where we took these. The light was just perfect.

The headland in the background is the Pefkos peninsula

I know I said t-shirt weather, but this was as the afternoon was wearing on, of course. Even so, she was too hot in the jacket, but decided it was better to be too hot than actually carry the thing!

Above my head you can just see Asklipio Kastro. Also, there's a part of Mt. Attaviros blending in with the clouds.

A lot of women would kill for a shadow like that.

Again, Attaviros is visible in this one, slightly clearer too.

I just loved the way the light worked with these olive trees. The sharp shadows are lovely, showing too that the humidity was low.

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