Monday, 2 April 2018

A Rhodes April Sunday

Had occasion to go to town this morning to spend a few hours with a lovely young friend from Kalymnos, who was over for a flying 24 hours. So, while we were promenading around the town I took these shots with the iPad. 

The usual applies, click on each one for a larger view, then you can right-click to 'open image in new tab'. Once you do that, click on that tab to see the image, and you'll find you get the little magnifying glass for your mouse pointer. One click anywhere on the image then gives you a much larger view.

Hope you like them. Just a couple of hours on April 1st in Rhodes...

The margarita-filled moat as tourists seldom see it.

See the poppies there?

The lovely Aktaion Café/pastry shop. Vibrant at around midday.

The tourists are beginning to emerge from hibernation. This one was dressed sensibly. We saw quite a few others in shorts and strappy tops - and it was only 20ºC!!

My better half and our dear friend Claudia. When you're a fella strolling with two women, you get a lot of time to take snaps!!!

The old Town is slowly waking up for the season.
Incidentally, we're now booked for an 18-day break on Patmos from around the middle of this month into early May. This will be our first visit to the island, so expect a few posts giving our impressions. It comes highly recommended.


  1. Oh lots of lovely spring flowers....and no people! This time last year we were walking to Cleoboulos' tomb in Lindos and the flowers were stunning. So abundant it was hard not to tread on them. I hope your postings from Patmos are positive, having been so enthusiastic about the place.
    Kalo taxidi

    1. But of course Victoria, I only post positive stuff. If I don't like something I tend to leave it alone. So rest assured, what I write about Patmos will undoubtedly be 'up' rather than 'down'.