Friday, 16 March 2018

The Flora and the Fauna, ...well, maybe not the Fauna

Jus thought you'd like to see what the countryside around the house is looking like right now. The anemones have just about all gone and these wonderful blood-red flowers I'm reliably informed are actually a kind of poppy, although they closely resemble the anemones in size and form. The poppies always come out as the anemones die off...

Don't forget that all the photos open in a larger view of you click on them.

Pink and white rock roses are also coming into their own right now, as is the bright yellow gorse, which I haven't taken any shots of, sorry. (For the gorse, check out this post from 2012.)

More rock roses in the foreground here.
The cheesecake effect is just coming into its own now with the margaritas.

Looks right pastoral down our lane doesn't it.

Kiotari beach, in expectation of the season's approach.

Ditto. I took the bike out for the first time today since last October. Muscle ache, me? No, entire-body ache more like.

Now to the garden...

Our fig tree looks promising.

Ditto. Looks like come July-August we'll be well-blessed with figs again. I love fig trees, they are very drought-tolerant and there doesn't seem to be any predator or blight that can touch them. 

Who wouldn't want some Gazanias in their garden? They come in a bewildering range of foliage and colour and, even though some say they're a nuisance because they self-seed and can become dominant, all you have to do is pull out the ones you don't want. Even better, give them to someone else! They don't even need a lot of watering either.

We think this is a kind of osteospermum (I've probably said this before). Either way, for just a few weeks every spring it's a joy, a complete joy.

More gorgeous Gazanias

See, remember what I said about the range of colours...

There you go folks, not much rambling, but lots of colour to hopefully brighten your day a little.


  1. We'll be there in 4 weeks and 2 days!! Who's counting!!

    1. Well I might have, but without the hours, minutes and seconds too, not so easy... :)