Monday, 10 April 2017

Ramblings from UK?

OK, so if you tuned in for another helping of life on Rhodes I am going to have to disappoint you with this post, but rather than wait until we get back home to Greece, I thought it would be a good idea to write a little piece from deepest Barry, in South Wales.

A North Wales reservoir, Saturday April 8th.

The beer garden at the Golden Fleece, Tremadog, a stone's throw from Portmeirion. Too hot with that rugby shirt on.

The beach at Barry Island. Yes, I did say Barry!
We talk about jetlag in terms of long haul flights don't we. I'll tell you what though, the two hour difference still messes you about when you fly back to the UK from Rhodes. At 8.30pm we've been feeling sleepy and all done in and yet at 5.30am the next morning we've been awake and ready to think about that first cup of tea. The trouble is, as you begin to adjust, which we are doing now after a week and a half over here, you realise that once you get home it's going to be tough getting up at the right time again. 

Our hosts here in Wales, good friends of almost 20 years, decided to take us on a mystery tour over the weekend and we ended up in Portmeirion, somewhere we'd never been and always wanted to visit. It was last September, when they came over to see us in Rhodes and were raving about a music festival they'd attended at the eccentric village built by Clough Williams-Ellis on the tidal estuary of the Afon Dwryd, when we'd told them how we'd always wanted to go there but had never actually made it, so they hatched the idea and off we went.

It was a wonderful weekend topped off with some really Mediterranean weather. The only thing was, last night we were well tired after a lot of travelling and so woke up at 9.20am this morning, which, of course, would be 11.20am in Rhodes, hence my concern over what time exactly we're going to wake up on the morning after our return home. Just as well we don't have to rush off anywhere for a couple of days when we get back to Rhodes, eh?

We usually visit the UK during the first few weeks of April and, barring one year (which was probably at least 5 or 6 years ago now) we always seem to have very good and mainly sunny weather. In fact, my sister and her hubby suggested when they collected us from Gatport Airwick on Wednesday March 29th in the drizzle that they'd hoped we'd brought the weather with us. The next morning it dawned sunny and, although we have seen some cloud, it's been lovely weather ever since. They reckon that we did indeed bottle a little Rhodean sunshine and pack it in our cases. Didn't like to tell them that just one week before we came we'd just ended 7 days straight of rain on Rhodes!

If you're bored enough to want to see some more evidence, head over to these photos on Facebook. Maybe these too (although all the while we were at Portmeirion it was mainly cloudy).

Anyway, time to get back to my first read-through of the new book. Some people are so impatient that they've been nagging me to get on with it.

They'll soon be sorry when they read it.

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