Monday, 23 January 2017

Snaps in the sunshine (well, mainly)

Time I did a picture-heavy post, so here we go...

Quiet corner of Pefkos. Ever stayed here? It's the Anthi Maria Apartments. Taken Sunday January 22nd 2017.

The villa next door to the Anthi Maria Apartments. Same day.

Glorious Lindos with the imposing acropolis looking amazing in 18ºC and sunshine, Also Sunday 22nd Jan.

Pefkos main beach. Same day again.

Ditto. If you click to go to the larger view you might just make out the chap fishing off the rocks at the far end of the beach.

...and again.

Single storey property in Gennadi, quiet area of the village. Needs some renovation. Lots of original features.

Last night when I went outside there was this lovely mediterranean toad loitering behind an air-con unit.
Still to many of our Greek friends it's an unfathomable mystery what one must eat when one's a vegetarian. The other day someone said, conjuring up mental picture of a piece of raw broccoli and a carrot, "So you only eat vegetables, that's it?" C'mon folks, when you have a wife who makes her own gigantes like these, you mean to tell me you wouldn't feel like you were well looked-after?

You'd be hard put to sit down to a better lunch than this peeps! Mini spanakopites and a Glass of chilled Retsina alongside too, of course.


  1. That does look like a delicious lunch, love gigantes :) I've found that the Greek diet and menu has more to choose from in the way of vegetarian dishes than many places I've travelled...

    1. Certainly the case nowadays Amanda. Back in the 70's when I first came to Greece, just about all the food in tavernas was some kind of meat with chips. In those days I was a carnivore and a pork-souvlaki addict, so it didn't matter as much!

  2. Yes, stayed at Anthi Maria twice pre-season, and loved the place. Quiet corner of Pefkos with a pretty view but the 'view' of your gigantes is even better!

    1. I thought it was where you'd stayed, but wasn't sure. Although I kinda thought you might just confirm my suspicions.