Friday, 19 August 2016

A Huge Helping of Halki...

Yesterday I was on Halki again (no surprises there then!) and, since it's impossible to walk around the place without taking photos, I thought that in this post I'd share my shots from that visit with you. Not much text, just glorious photos that once again show why Halki is so special.

Are you sitting comfortably? then I'll begin (captions on some of them, not all)...

The trouble with walking to one of the beaches for a swim is that, by the time you've walked back to the harbour, you're so hot and sticky that you need a ...swim. Solution? Just amble along to the end of the harbour and swim from there. The white building to the right, with the steps, is bookable through Olympic Holidays by the way. I can't think of anywhere I've ever stayed that could top it. It's Villa Tsandou. I swam from that quayside.

Villa Tsandou again.

These small balconies, not too good for entertaining (even if the building has been renovated!) were actually fitted so that the women could watch for their sponge-fishing husbands returning after months at sea. Of course, they were always anxious because it wasn't unusual for a husband or father not to return at all having succumbed to the bends. They'd have been buried at sea because it wasn't practical to keep a body on the boat for the length of time that would have been necessary to bring the poor soul home.

Same spot. Those two snorkelers were French. I had a chat with them because they were wearing these and I want one!!

Villa Tsandou terrace. Go on, tell me you wouldn't like to stay here!!

Oh, I can be arty too y'know.

The tables below belong to Taverna Babis.

Everyone can have a garden. Just takes a little inventiveness. It doesn't show it very well, but there's a ripe aubergine hanging in this photo!

This chap was just trotting home after a spot of rod-fishing. Looks like he caught something. 

And finally, my lunch at Lefkosia's. Her delicious briam and "pseftikes [meatless]" dolmades. She's promised me a vegetarian moussaka to take home with me next week. Hell of a job getting it back, but worth the effort!


  1. Looks idyllic - another place to add to the wish list and the vill is divine!!!

    1. You know Julie, modesty aside for one moment, I've been to most parts of Greece. So far nothing tops Halki for me. Interestingly, we have yet to visit Kastellorizo, which is oft cited as the ultimate laid back island, yet I only learned this past week that it has a larger population than Halki. It's a virtual metropolis by comparison! Halki's year-round population is around 350, while Kastellorizo's is around 500, huge eh?