Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In the Meantime

There's a fairly long post under construction, but I'm still editing and adding to it. 
For now though, here are a few recent photos...

On board the Triton during a recent Bay-to-Bay excursion


This couple were the subject of a recent TV documentary. They've been married almost 60 years and still farm together in a remote rural area. They were full of humour and their close relationship shone through in the conversation. heartwarming.

Here the wife is tending their substantial herd of goats. She makes her own cheese, cooks from vegetables and "horta" that they grow in their own soil and of course they also produce their own olive oil.

Aboard the Triton anchored off Tsambika Beach.

Returning to the Triton after lunch at Stegna Beach (Grigori's Taverna)
Hopefully the new post will appear within the next few days. It will be an opus!

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  1. I've got the same problem, must get finished writing it today! good luck with yours :)