Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Sorry I've gone a bit quiet. Lots of people to see, plus I've actually begun work on a new book. Here's a photo of a gecko in our shed out the back (wow, eh?)...

These guys are ideal residents of a shed. They tend to dine on creatures that have 8 legs.

Plus, just in case you haven't been recently, the final piece of the restoration jigsaw at Kallithea Springs (if that link doesn't work, I think the website is undergoing reconstruction. Try again another time. Or, maybe try this one), the Rotunda building at the back of the inlet, has finally been completed. It's rather splendid now in my humble opinion...

Yes, that's the dearly beloved posing.

The rotundas is just visible above the circular seated area with the parasol.

Rather nice location for a soirée, eh?

I shall endeavour to write a new post soon, honest!

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