Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Four Snaps

Just four snaps from the past few days. 

Apologies to Amanda Settle, who's idea I nicked regarding photographing a detail at the kantina near Lardos Limanaki...

The landing stage at Stegna, where we go ashore for lunch on Sunday's Bay-to-Bay. The ship is ours too, the Mandelena.

A moment onboard during the cruise back to Lindos on a Bay-to-Bay Sunday afternoon.

At the Kantina near Lardos Beach and Limani. It's so near to our home and we've been promising ourselves a frappé there for months. Finally got there on Monday July 13th.

As above. Not a bad spot for a drinky-poo, eh?
That's it. Just wanted to share these with you. More ramblings soon.


  1. Love the last 2 pics. Such simple ideas to create a delightful spot for a roadside refreshment. The location helps too, of course!

  2. Trevor Mcilveen18 July 2015 at 06:07

    John. We have been on the nudest section of Tsambika beach the last 4 days.Interesting the boat stops here.I cant think why !!!!.
    Will give you a wave next Tuesday on our next visit

    1. Well, I wasn't aware that there was a nudist section on Tsambika Beach. So far though, none of the guests has been sporting binoculars so, at the distance at which we drop anchor, it's unlikely that we can tell!! I always understood that the only official nudist beach on Rhodes was at the south end of Faliraki Bay. Was I wrong about this then? It's Sunday when we do the trip by the way, not Tuesday. You may be waving to someone else!!!

  3. Trevor Mcilveen19 July 2015 at 15:05

    The Madelena has been close.Yes the official nudest beach is in Faliraki. Costas set up a nudest section on Tsambika about 2 weeks ago.He has a cantina & brings sandwiches,fruit & drinks every day to sell.A sunbed & brolly are € 3 for the day.We brought our BBQ & food on friday & Costas provided free drinks for our evening BBQ @ 18.30.One couple & 2 single ladies joined us as well.Going to do the same this Tuesday