Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hang on in there

I am preparing a new post, it's just that things have been pretty hectic of late. Expect the next one to be pretty long, if not one of the longest ever. It's a seafaring tale that I've not dared to tell before now.

All will be explained!

Meanwhile, I found this sign on a gatepost down the road from here rather amusing. It well illustrates the Greek penchant these days for Greek-ofying [?!] English words...

It reads "Garage - Don't park". Transliterating the Greek it sounds like "Garazh, me parkareteh!" Hmm, not sure about the origins of those Greek words!!


  1. It is only fair for the Greeks to borrow some of our words. We have borrowed so many of theirs! Interesting that “garage” and “park” are words we borrowed from the French in the first place! I suppose that the capital “P” is a universal European symbol? We can be thankful that neither Greece nor the UK is subject to the tyranny of the Académie française, intent on purging the language of foreign (especially Anglo-Saxon) words.


    PS. Nice to meet you, and your good lady!

  2. How true Simon. There's nothing new under the sun when you come to think of it. Nice of you to say hello when you did, thnx.